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Children’s Guitar Lessons

Guitars come in all sizes (right down to a uke) and with simple one finger chords and melodies, children of any age can begin making music right from day one.

Musical engagement has been shown to be wonderfully beneficial for small children in a great many areas including motor skills, emotional intelligence, reasoning skills, concentration, creativity and social intelligence amongst many more.

When is a good age to start?

In short, I would say any age is a good age to start. I have taught many children from the age of 5 with positive results. Some children (as with any age) inevitably take longer to get going than others, but still benefit from the relationship they develop with the instrument, which ultimately pays off in the end if they are given the opportunity to persevere.

How long should lessons be?

For very small children, some parents often question whether a one hour lesson will be too long. I have found that for most people of all ages, including very small children, that an hour is perfect. A longer lesson allows for a gentler more relaxed pace, which in turn means greater opportunity for fun, creativity and experimentation. For others, however, a half hour lesson may be more appropriate. The only way to really know for sure is to just try and see how it goes.

For small children only (up to secondary school age) I offer a 45 minute lesson, in addition to the usual one-hour or half-hour lessons. I will happily offer a mobile service for these lessons. For prices please go here.

When can the lessons be?

Lessons can be taken after school during the week or at weekends. For many children, a regular slot is often preferable and his can be guaranteed by pre-booking, or I can also offer a more flexible arrangement to suit you.