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In December last year, my best friend announced me he would get married this summer. We know each other for a very long time and have during our youth always been sharing songs of a famous French artist. I was wondering what I could do for his wedding and came up with the idea of singing and playing guitar for his wedding, problem being that I never touched a guitar before. I searched for a local guitar teacher and contacted Adam. We arranged all details and I had lessons with Adam every week for over 6 months. I was not entirely sure I would be able to get the grip of the instrument but eventually managed to master some chords and tunes within the 6 months time. Thanks to Adam’s support and mentoring, I came up with a result that I am very happy with.
I performed a song of that famous French artist for my friend on his wedding and I can now play an instrument. It was hard and we put a lot of effort into it, but it was definitely worth it. I practised a lot and Adam was very patient and understanding, he incredibly qualified and has the right attitude with his students. I am not yet an expert, but he teached me the needed basics. I am sure I will need Adam’s support again to master some new skills and grow my confidence.
The wedding was great, thanks to Adam’s skills I reached my goal.

Thanks for all your efforts with (my son) he’s really come along so well

My son has been having guitar lessons with Adam for the past nine months and always picks up the guitar again an hour or so later to strum away at whatever time they’ve been learning! Adam is great at adapting to the levels and interests of different children.

Adam is an excellent teacher – very patient!

So many thanks to you for being a motivating teacher to (my son)! I’m so chuffed he played at the concert! And I think he was a bit surprised by and proud of himself, too, which is great, many thanks again.

…a huge thank you also for your session with (my son) at the concert yesterday, it was fantastic. Suddenly all those late night twangings, to say nothing of downloads on my iTunes account, made sense, and (my son) really seemed to be enjoying himself

I have been incredibly impressed by Adam right from my first lesson with him; with the superb quality of his teaching, his ability to explain complex things to a complete novice, his good humour and patience and of course the fantastic breadth of his musical knowledge and ability.
I cannot recommend him highly enough!

I just wanted you to know how fired up (my son) was after his last lesson, which he said sounded amazing! He has been practising a lot more ever since, without being nagged, and is looking forward to performing at the school concert. Thanks.

Just thought I’d let you know (my son) came back on a real high after today’s lesson! Went straight up to his bedroom,plugged his guitar into his new amp and played the chords to Hotel California over and over again! I could hear him saying ‘man, listen to that chord’ !!One happy boy!

Adam is an excellent musician and teacher. He has really helped me gain in confidence, and to expand my theoretical and practical guitar playing from near zero to amateur performance level. He had quite a challenge with a 60 something wannabe but he’s great at offering a personalised set of exercises that are motivating and tailored to each student’s musical aims and preference. I strongly recommend his teaching.

My son has been having electric guitar lessons with Adam for almost two years and has made fantastic progress in that time. He always comes home from his lessons really excited and keen to get on and practice. Adam teaches a wide variety of music and takes into account my son’s own musical interests too. He clearly puts a lot of effort into preparing his lessons. Adam’s style is perfect. Just the right balance of serious learning and fun, which is what you need if you want to be a musician. And, while I’m no guitar player, I can recognise an accomplished musician when I hear one. Adam is obviously very accomplished. I recommend him without hesitation.